New device launches an application for iPhone and iPod Touch is the first Spanish online business publication to offer to the users a specific application to iPhone. The users can now stay tuned to the latest business news, market figures, share prices in real time and televised news reports.

As part of its drive to continue innovating and adapting its content to the substantial demand from users of the iPhone and the iTouch, has developed an application that allows users to comfortably view the latest news headlines and the most recent figures from the stock market. Additionally, users can receive the latest share prices in real time or view the latest news stories in high quality video format.

The application is downloadable at the iTunes Apple Store or from the main menu on the iPhone/ iTouch in the Finance category. Once download is complete, a direct access icon is installed on the iPhone desktop allowing the user to quickly access the latest news on

The application is both free to download and for accessing content via a standard Internet, WiFi or 3G connection.

Native iPhone applications are one of the most appealing features of Apple's mobile device due to the speed and simplicity with which users are able to access Internet content. Internet companies of the importance of Google or Facebook, together with international newswires such as Bloomberg, already offer these applications. is now the first Spanish business publication to develop a version for the iPhone.

Commitment to mobiles

The iPhone and iPod Touch applications join a wide range of features developed by for mobile devices. The users of the online version of the newspaper can already consult the news via the WAP portal where they may also access the stock market indexes and the trading value of key stocks on the Ibex 35 stock exchange in Madrid.

In addition, a system of alerts allows users to receive the valuations of different stocks directly on their mobile phone at market close. This can be done either by subscribing to a single stock in order to receive the closing price at the end of the session together with a graph illustrating its evolution, or by subscribing to a single daily alert with the data for two or three companies. The quickest way to find out more about these services is by accessing the mobile services information page at